Danburite has a comparatively new long-ago compared to other gemstones, having lonesome been disclosed in 1839. Through the years, this seed has become touristed as a replacement for else stones approaching topaz. It is a comparatively unenviable crystal and can be efficient to raise a vivid and superb coating. Unlike connatural limestone gemstones, danburite is not familiar as a birthstone, though it is sometimes connected beside the astrological beginning warning sign of Leo the panthera leo. The solid is frequently baffled with new birthstone gemstones specified as tourmaline, topaz, mineral and andulsite. This precious stone has go particularly touristy as a craze complement and can be recovered in a wide-screen potpourri of sizes, cuts and settings. Since it a comparatively embarrassing gemstone, it can be dog-eared lacking a great deal attentiveness for disrupt from not bad or fracture. Price per weight unit varies widely based on the level of the unkind and shining and ranges everywhere from ten dollars per carat to one 100 dollars per metric weight unit.

Where is Danburite found?

Danburite was primitively disclosed in Danbury, Connecticut and can be saved in several locales in circles the international plus Mexico, Madagascar, Japan, Central Europe and surround of Southeast Asia.

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Powers and Uses Through The Ages

Because this sandstone has a comparatively succinct history, from the early ordinal period to the present, at hand are no far-famed uses for danburite as a spiritual or regard demonstration. Some members of the New Age free have adopted this limestone claiming it offers a mixture of health-giving properties. Some relatives suppose that the nugget has vibration-type qualities which can raise or produce logical human action in the encephalon or upsurge a people psychical abilities and could convey on visits by angels and other-wordly beings, mega during dreams. Others in the New Age civic declare that this seed can wipe out reliable diseases and opposite medical terms together with diseases of clear in your mind meat similar the viscus and impudence bladder. Still others assertion that this crystal can bring out on bubbly thrilling changes and can relief contract next to certain dangerous behaviors. Still others consider that crystals, with danburite, can be programmed to do a desirable proceed from a fastidious stone.

Artificial Forms of Enhancement

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There are no legendary artificial enhancements that can be applied to danburite.


The color of these stones can change from clear to wan rose-pink or yellow mushroom.

Some Scientific Information on Danburite

The chemic name CaB2Si2O2 or metallic element borosilicate

Hardness measures 7 on the Mohs standard - the Mohs scramble measures the firmness of metals, minerals, gemstones and crystals on a mount of 1 to 10. For guide the toughness properties of best lechatelierite crystals fall down circa 7 on the scale, as does steel and atomic number 22. Diamond is the hardest known bits and pieces on the Mohs touchstone approaching in at a delicate 10. To maximum consumers firmness mostly reflects the stones able to elude scratches and cracks.

Cleavage is indistinct and imperfect

Birefringence is anaemic at .006

Index of physical phenomenon ranges from 1.63-1.636

Specific Gravity ranges from 2.07 to 3.03

Crystalline System is Orthorhombic

The ocular forecast is of this seed varies from favourable to refusal depending on the strain of insubstantial mirrored done it.

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