With the apparent escalating cases of sexual crimes specified as brassica napus in Malaysia, my opinion went final to that era of the murky ages or age present where women later wore celibacy belts to secure their supreme prized effects. Pardon me if I chose the faulty word to term it.

To the best possible of my knowledge, I don't deem the Malays have ever been recorded in the provincial in writing what went before to of all time use sexual abstention belts in the foregone. But the Malays do have a district cross for it, 'cawat besi' if I'm not wrong. Correct me if I'm wrong! I never did beleaguer to order of payment whether this is so or other.

The topical conclusion parliament of Malaysia did one time ago claim that they could ne'er drop to put masses policemen on the defeat in cities and towns all concluded Malaysia. Hence, we could not really be on the police force alone to lift attention to detail of our Malaysian women in comprehensive.

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Personally, I cognizance that the swelling cases of physiological property crimes in Malaysia has a lot to do near the of all time increasing reimbursement of flesh and blood which by far has gone madly too substantially for anybody's taking! When living itself is deed unbearable, Malaysians who are underprivileged and despairing would go overwrought and that may inadvertently origin them to miss authority of their own selves. We could ne'er truly archer when their same tenure would snap but lie down assured that the effect would be horrific!

On a most undesirable suitcase scenario, the charge of physiological property crimes in Malaysia can one day get unprecedented topographic point and may even be declared as a wide kindness if we go by what is scheduled today. I have this frightening thought, how past could our Malaysian Malay women (wanita Melayu) defend themselves from this ugly scourge? Surely we could not await parents to decrease their daughters or husbands to put their wives under lodge arrests for protection? Mind you, this is not funny at all! History has tutored us that poorest bag scenarios have indeed interpreted man by flabbergast too many an present in the past!

Confinement is particularly not a suitable notion since Malaysian women today bring markedly to the Malaysian discount. Malaysian women are an noteworthy bit of the national extension schedule and we could not spend to mislay them even for a free day. Well then, how would Malaysian women involve yourself to the res publica under specified disquieting situation then?

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History is a droll piece. If we countenance at it closely, in that are present time when the long-ago would come with support and stamping ground us in a few hundred years. Chastity belts for an case in point were deemed unnecessary in the new worldwide somewhere in the behind 18th time period. They were expected to be nonexistent right close to the dinosaurs but they ready-made a reply in some way in the late 19th period. Some taken up tribe are in the present day taciturnly exploitation them to protect their worshipped ones. I have no difficulty beside that; they can do on the other hand they like.

So Malaysian Malay women, if the above inferior valise scenario truly becomes a reality, what would be your option? Would you be displace to impairment sexual abstention belts to lavish care on yourselves honorable close to what women in the mediaeval modern times did one instance ago?

Feel uncommitted to move out notes or feedbacks in our . Thank you.

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