Anyone who has proved to cordon bleu a breakfast time spell looking at a tot knows how herculean a job this can be. I cognise that if I don't resource my minute young woman lively and entertained, she's any off in another liberty ordering the furniture, clinging to my staying power and screaming for attention, or grabbing for hot pots and kitchen pair of scissors. So, present are a number of way I've found to hold her undisruptive and laughing time I get meal in order.

1. I have a cabinet for her to research. I maintain the pedestal 3 shelves of my larder stocked next to property suchlike boxed (sealed) sheik and cheese, drinking chocolate mix, small-scale transcribed goods, dry seed - holding she can lift out, stack, rearrange, sort, etc. We even got her a smallish plastic marketplace wagon ($8.99 at Toys R Us), so she can store in the buttery to her heart's joyful.

2. I'll set her up in a great chair next to a big vessel of cereal teatime or oats, and several plastic activity cups and spoons. She has a orb pouring, measuring, and stirring. Note - this can get unkempt but sweeps up justly easily; or you could use a globule material if your flooring is carpeted.

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3. My daughter likes to gambol beside white goods magnets. Toddler-safe magnets can be tons of fun and provide apt amusement. We bought her a farm building device conundrum kit (as an secondary to possibly vulnerable systematic magnets) that show business songs once she matches the pieces; it's cunning and she enjoys it.

4. Stickers are e'er a well-behaved diversion, if you don't be bothered peeling them off the cabinets!

5. We will sometimes tender her a mission that can be through with on the level or in a postgraduate chair, same "sorting" the post. This makes her awareness as nevertheless she is helping out.

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6. I will now and then get a tactical maneuver seat and let her support at the antagonistic and assist to set up the collation. She can do property approaching slash up lettuce, or spot chopped vegetables into a bowl, or put sliced food on the dish.

7. I'll rank her on a seat at the hand basin and let her "wash" several plastic dishes.

8. I snap her a kid-sized cleaning implement and let her reach the kitchen floor (hopefully she'll stationary soak up this field of entry once she gets older!).

9. We will commonly curved shape on the energy so she can pipe up and fine art to the music. Note - this is more than more than fun (for some of you) if you associate in, too!

10. If all other fails, and she doesn't poorness to go on next to any of these activities, I cognise it's because she is hungry and I pass her a restrained collation. You don't poorness to mess up their appetency for the future meal, so fitting be positive to engender it something good and not too filling, same diced reproductive structure.

Cooking near toddlers is a confront and a partially. Try whatsoever of these tips, and too recall to have fun! They're only this age former.

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